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Goodbye & Hello

A few changes to the #PipposTech Digital Media services.

Like many local small businesses, we have had to quickly adapt to an external force (otherwise known as COVID-19); this has also meant we also had to review our business model and services.  Fifteen years ago, when I started Pippos Technology Solutions, my goal was to offer knowledgeable and expert technology services for local Riverland and Mallee businesses and families.  Technology is the heart of our business and will continue to remain that way. 

Over the years, we have evolved and implemented new products and services as technology, and digital platforms have changed.  We integrated digital media services that grew to include web design & development and social media management.   It is the later that we have reviewed, and how we can best deliver our social media services in this changing climate.  So it is with significant consideration that we have decided to discontinue offering social media through Pippos Tech.  Even though we will not be offering social media under the Pippos Tech banner, we will be supporting our Digital Media Strategist, Renee, in her new venture as a freelancer.

Renee joined the Pippos Tech team in April 2019 as our in-house Digital Media Strategist.  We (along with our existing social clients) have been hugely impressed with Renee’s creativity and strategic thinking when it comes to digital marketing. Renee’s attention to detail and ability to think outside the square is what makes her amazing and why we didn’t have to think twice about engaging Renee to manage our social media and digital marketing.

“We, along with a number of our other customers are excited to continue working with Renee as our freelance social media manager.”

Jeremy Pippos

We will continue to offer our other Digital Media services, including website design and development. 

So as we say goodbye to Renee as our employee and colleague, we would like you to join us in saying hello to Renee as the owner of the new local Riverland business, Freebird Social Media. You can support Renee by following her on her Freebird Social Media socials: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Thank you, Renee, and all the best.

Jeremy & The Pippos Tech Team


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