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Pippos Technology Solutions (PTS) has evolved to meet the needs of our clients but to face the changing landscape of digital products and resources; from a small computer repair business to a technology and digital media solutions enterprise we are the one solution for all your tech and online needs.

With a highly driven and motivated team dedicated to supporting the local community and regional small business with prompt professional service on and off site we will find you the best outcome for you or your business.

Call, email or DM us.  We’d love to talk to you about your technology or digital media goals.

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Managed Services

From hardware to software and servers we have managed plans that allows you to access to the latest technology with ongoing service from our Tech team.

Website Design

People validate businesses by what they find on the internet; the most successful way to do this is with a website. We design and develop websites tailored to your business needs.

Phone Systems

Telecommunications is an integral part of any business we configure phone systems that are customisable to your business needs all with local ongoing support.

Computer Repairs

Laptop and desktop repairs are our specialty, whether it is hardware or software issues we will diagnose and provide you with the best outcome for you and your budget.

Insurance Work

We supply written reports and replacement computer hardware for all insurance companies, please check your insurance policy to ensure your failed equipment is covered, we can then help you get the process started.

Business Networking

We keep your business connected with servers, printers, backups and internet connectivity. We know Business ICT, so you don't have to. Contact Pippos Technology Solutions today to find out how we can help your business.

Stay up to date with everything we do!

We exist to exceed our Customers expectations.


Pippos Technology Solutions (PTS) has grown from a small computer repair business to a highly driven and motivated team that supports the local community with prompt professional service on and off site.

We are dedicated and passionate about each of our fields from Information Technology to websites and social media.  Our individual history and experience combined makes for a dedicated and knowledgeable team who collectively want to find the best solutions for each of our clients.

We pride ourselves on being passionate about computers and technology.

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