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Managed Services

To have a full time IT guy is just not a feasible option for many small businesses, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need someone with these skills.  This is where our Tech Team can help with our managed services, think of us as your in-house IT guy.  We have tailored our managed services to each small business for a monthly fee that offers peace of mind, we offer:

(Hardware as a Service)

In an age where technology is evolving at a rapid rate, Hardware as a Service is becoming a more popular solution for small business. 

Perfect for small businesses that need to keep up with the latest and most efficient hardware, from the mouse to your desktop or laptop, to your phone and printers. We do all the hard work for you; we essentially unpack it; from installation to servicing and when the time comes replacement, and all for a set monthly subscription fee, so no surprises:

SAAS - Software Suited to you

(Software as a Service)

Not unlike Hardware Unpacked, we take the worry out of managing your software and cloud applications.  There are so many different software applications available these days which means you end up with multiple subscriptions with multiple software providers.

To simplify your software subscriptions; we have access to multiple software applications which we bundle into one easy subscription, paid monthly.  So, you don’t need to waste any more time managing numerous software packages or worrying about updates or missing renewal periods. 

Email Services

Being online and staying connected is imperative in this day and age especially, when it comes to email services. We use Microsoft 365 exchange-based email for the majority of our customers purely for its guaranteed uptime, accessibility and ability to be used anywhere in the world and across all devices. It also has inbuilt security features such as virus scanning and anti-spam services to reduce your chances of being infected by unsolicited emails.

Please call for further information about setting up your own domain name ( and rolling your Microsoft Office 365 and email services into one easy package for your whole business.

Business & Home Networking

Every home or office has its unique network requirements and objectives; with careful planning and attention to detail, we have the knowledge and expertise to setup a customisable and complete network from the ground up or maintain your current network, big or small. 

Technicians are Ubiquity Enterprise Certified, this means they have undertaken training in Ubiquity hardware and software solutions. This allows the networking team to quote, install and maintain all hardware in the highest standard.

It's not actually stored up in the clouds is it?

Cloud Solutions

Almost all businesses need to be able to access their information wherever they are. Whether they work from home or are on the move day to day, staying connected is the key to a successful business. We have many products available to suit individual businesses needs from very small businesses right through to large enterprises. We have available a variety of cloud options including, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and many other online data storage solutions.

Designed specifically for your business.

VOiP Phone Systems

We provide cost-saving, highly configurable phone systems with ongoing local support. Our team can complete the entire process from start to finish including; migrating phone systems from an existing service provider, removing the old hardware and handsets, and installing and customizing your new phone system and handsets which can be updated on the fly after installation. 

Any questions, updates and support are handled in-house meaning you get personalised support for your business and fast turn around times.

Key features of a Pippos Technology Phone Management System are:


Desktop Computers

With our unique in-house tech service, we not only supply desktop computers but we also custom build them in-store; this allows us to provide fast warranty turnaround times in the unlikely event any repairs are required.

We also test all hardware before leaving our store, giving us the confidence to stand by our products. 

We know everyone uses their desktop computers for different purposes, which is why we discuss your needs and uses to ensure we install relevant and appropriate software to your devices to suit your requirements.

Laptops & Tablets

With an increased demand for mobile computing, there is now a huge variety of mobile devices to keep you connected while on the move.  We have strong working relationships with top brand suppliers which enables us to provide an excellent selection of laptops, tablets and ultra-books.

With new docking technology and super-fast laptops available at affordable prices, many of our customers choose to connect computer accessories for better user experience in their predominant working locations. A laptop connected with a monitor(s), wi-fi keyboard and mouse allows you to have the best of both worlds with simple detachments so you can easily and quickly move from the office to home or travel.

Hardware, Software & Accessories

To ensure the best user experience, we also have available and access to an extensive range of hardware accessories including:

Computer Repairs

Is your computer running slow? Got a virus? Laptop and desktop repairs are our specialty. Whether you have hardware issues or software issues – with more than 30 years combined experience repairing and building computers, we know computers, so you don’t have to, and we not only offer remote tech support, but we can come to you!

Do you need help right now? Please call the office and we will find a technician that can assist you. (08) 8582 4200

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Insurance assessments

We supply written reports and replacement computer hardware for all insurance companies, please check your insurance policy to ensure your failed equipment is covered, we can then help you get the process started.

Example: Spilling coffee or having your device submerged under water (or other liquid).

Example: Dropping your device or fire damage.

Example: Lightening Strike or Power surge at your residence causing your device to fault.

*Please Note – Insurance does cover DOA (Dead on Arrival) Hardware, Items that are covered under warranty faults or hardware failure due to the device’s age. PTS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone is deemed to be providing false or misleading information regarding their insurance claim.