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PTS Monthly Newsletter – April 2021

Hey Everyone,

The PTS Family are thrilled to continue our ongoing business relationship, as part of this we want to introduce our staff who will be supporting you, how to contact them and turn around times.
Ashley and Brodie are the dynamic duos who set up, install and maintain the systems that provide reliability and data security that help your business function.

Ashley Polst



The PTS ticketing system has been designed to provide the most streamlined method for requesting support and tracking the status of requests. All you must do is email with the description of your support request and one of our team will take it from there.

Tickets requests for business emergencies will be actioned within 4 business hours and general support requests will be actioned within 5 business days, we attend to tickets submitted by our managed customers as a priority.

The Team actively monitor the health of your computer via remote management and monitoring which gives us visibility into the status of hardware, available storage of the computer and asset tracking, this allows us to identify potential issues and address them to prevent downtime for you and the business.

We also monitor the Artificial Intelligence-driven antivirus via our management platform to ensure that threats are prevented, and the antivirus is always up to date to identify new emerging threats.

Stay Tuned for each month’s email with further information on what we do for you behind the scenes and tech updates!


Jeremy Pippos & The Tech Team


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