The Lifespan of a Website

When is it time to update or re-build your website? It feels like Technology advancements move at lightning speed these days, and its no wonder we feel this way: The first iPhone was released in June 2007, there have been 20 versions since then. Damn…. I remember getting my first Nokia in 2002, and being […]

How remote access technology can help you

Remote access is nothing new, but as COVID-19 and more and more social distancing restrictions come into force, we are implementing this technology to assist more and more of our customers. Not, only is it the key to us helping you remotely with Tech Support but it is also a tool that you can implement […]

Coronavirus, Social Distancing & Working from Home

What does this mean for your local small business? Everything you need to work from home. With changes occurring on an almost daily basis, we have received several calls from local small businesses on how they can prepare should their staff choose to or need to work from home.  In response to this we have put […]