How remote access technology can help you

Remote access is nothing new, but as COVID-19 and more and more social distancing restrictions come into force, we are implementing this technology to assist more and more of our customers. Not, only is it the key to us helping you remotely with Tech Support but it is also a tool that you can implement […]

Coronavirus, Social Distancing & Working from Home

What does this mean for your local small business? Everything you need to work from home. With changes occurring on an almost daily basis, we have received several calls from local small businesses on how they can prepare should their staff choose to or need to work from home.  In response to this we have put […]

Simple, effective anti-virus for home & business

Going back around 12 years ago, we spent a considerable amount of time testing many different anti-virus platforms, whether it was a comprehensive internet security solution or a basic anti-virus.  Through our exhaustive research, we concluded that a brand called Trend Micro Internet Security addressed what we examined to be the necessities of anti-virus software. […]

Google to remove third-party cookies

In a blog post a few of weeks ago, Google revealed their plan to stop – not just block, but altogether remove – third-party cookies in its Chrome browser within the next two years as part of its user privacy initiative: Privacy Sandbox. I chatted with Matt from ABC Riverland last week to talk about […]

Keeping up with Technology

With so many buzzwords nowadays, it can be hard to keep track of what all these acronyms even mean or stand for! AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service), are just a few of the many Tech buzzwords that keep popping up today.  I am sure there is a number […]

Introducing Managed Services

It has streamlined technology practices that are efficient and offer you peace of mind. Welcome to a new series of blogs discussing Managed Services (better known as MSP or Managed Services Provider). This is part of my long-term goal as a business owner to streamline our client’s internal systems and processes and how they integrate […]

Managed Services: Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 licensing and how it relates to your business Welcome back to the next blog in our Managed Services series.  In this blog, I want to talk about Microsoft licencing, the different features and more importantly, how it can integrate within your business. At present, if you are a small business, you are more […]

Importance of backing up and keeping your data safe

Thanks for reading today and welcome to the next blog in our series about Managed Services. In today’s blog I’m going to talk about backing up and keeping your data safe when your business is online or in the cloud. The most valuable asset your business has is your data. Maintaining a copy of your […]

Cyber Security: Don’t Become A Victim

Welcome to our SECURITY blog! This is a topic that I could talk about for hours, but don’t worry, I won’t go too technical – I’ll keep things as simple as I can, but it could get a little nerdy. I’m sure we all remember the days when a password with plenty of unusual characters […]

PTS Monthly Newsletter – April 2021

Hey Everyone, The PTS Family are thrilled to continue our ongoing business relationship, as part of this we want to introduce our staff who will be supporting you, how to contact them and turn around times.Ashley and Brodie are the dynamic duos who set up, install and maintain the systems that provide reliability and data […]