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Wifi Access Points

While everyone was enjoying the Australia Day long weekend I was onsite on the public holiday, extending WiFi coverage at 3 different locations to connect solar inverters to the WiFi signal. The WiFi extenders not only give you the ability to see how much power your system is producing but they also report any issues that may have been happened. There are a large number of clients who install WiFi extenders to have solar installers monitor their systems, this makes sure the solar systems are working correctly. It is also beneficial to look back at historical data over the previous period to gain a better understanding of savings that can be achieved and check on the efficiency of the solar panels themselves. One of the biggest hurdles that I face doing WiFi extender system installs is running into an old building that is constructed using stone. Luckily in this case the majority of the installation work was to be completed on some sheds or on existing buildings that had easy access.

An example of the WiFi extender system that we use is a standalone wireless access point that extends the WiFi coverage. This is different to your normal wireless access points where they simply provide a signal locally, our system is a highly directional system that provides an excellent throw signal by connecting via ethernet to the current router inside the building.

On this particular occasion for this client, I was able to achieve coverage out to approximately 550 m. At this range, I was still able to achieve 3 bars of WiFi. One thing to note this client was really remote so there was little to no electromagnetic interference whatsoever to the system, it even managed to punch through a number of trees and still managed an excellent range. The second type of system that we install is normally based on a point to point wireless system where it is just like running a physical piece of wire or cable from one location to the next but using WiFi. With this type of connection, we have managed to have them reliably connected over many kilometres. However, more often than not we are mainly setting them up from as little as 100 m out to 1 km with the system installed. We connect into the router in the house and are able to extend the Wi-Fi signal at the other end of the Wireless link by using a small wireless access point. With technology getting smarter and smarter and people having the need to stay connected with it is with phone signal or just simply wireless access. We understand and are able to put together a solution to suit your needs even if you have a man cave or granny flat out the back we can get you internet access where you need it most. Feel free to drop us a line anytime or contact me around for a private message I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

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