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What is a Managed IT Provider?

An IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a third-party company that provides a range of technology solutions based on the organisation’s needs. These solutions include managing a combination of the following:

Network Infrastructure – Ensuring that user devices can connect to the network and browse the internet safely. A backup internet connection can also be implemented to provide maximum uptime.

Organisation data and permissions – Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your data while providing a backup and disaster recovery.

Users and accounts – Configuring new user accounts for workstations and online services with appropriate permissions.

Workstation monitoring maintenance and configuration – Providing the first time setup of new workstations including business specific configurations. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the computers provides peace of mind that staff can work efficiently without interruption.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) – Keeping your workstations and users safe from malicious files, programs and attackers.

General IT security – Providing proactive monitoring and maintenance of managed systems and reactive investigations and remediation.

Helpdesk support – Supporting users with critical and day to day issues within agreed upon timeframes.

Communication Systems – Providing VoIP telephony and instant messaging applications.

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How can it help my business, ROI, What are my risks

How much time do you spend currently juggling your organisation’s IT services, including assisting staff with computer issues, dealing with outages, and contacting third party businesses? We’re willing to be that it’s a considerable amount of time that could be much better spent elsewhere. Without oversight and constant monitoring of your services many issues can arise such as:

Security Vulnerabilities – With cyber-attacks becoming more prevalent in the Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) market, 65% of SMBs reported a cyber incident in the last 12 months, strong security defences are more important than ever. Of these 65% of SMBs that were affected, two-thirds report that these cyber incidents cost their business $645k or more.

Functionality issues – Without proper maintenance and updates many systems can become non-functional due to factors such as depreciated software versions and depreciated security protocols. For example, Microsoft recently disabled the ability for Outlook 2010 to connect to Exchange Online and accounts due to security concerns in the Office 2010 suite.

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How do I see my ROI & How can PTS help

Pippos Technology Solutions can take the headache out of your IT by providing expert advice, excellent support and industry leading hardware and software. By providing consolidated IT services for a fixed monthly fee and priority services for issue resolution, managing your IT services has never been simpler. We offer a large range of services that will be explained in greater detail in future blogs, these services include:

Microsoft 365 – Services include email, data storage, chat and meetings and desktop and online office applications. These services are implemented with a strong focus on security, permissions and auditing for end users and the organisation as a whole.

3CX – Highly cutomisable and scalable VoIP solution that supports traditional desk phones and mobile devices for great flexibility. 3CX is a world renowned phone system and we are an Advanced Certified Partner.

Remote Monitoring and EDR – A combination of multiple tools are used to ensure your computers are monitored, maintained, and protected. This includes items such as suspicious files and programs, overall computer health, and available storage of the computer to ensure staff can work to their maximum efficiency.

Networking – a combination of Sophos and Ubiquiti networking equipment is implemented to provide maximum reliability and security of the internal and external facing networks to keep staff safe with minimal internet related downtime. We can also implement a backup internet connection to further reduce potential downtime.

Helpdesk – we provide a helpdesk to log all support requests to ensure that issues are resolved promptly and aren’t missed or forgotten. The helpdesk also provides a convenient way for staff to submit tickets, either by emailing or submitting a ticket directly from their remote monitoring taskbar icon.


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