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Road trip!

Road Trip!

We supply and install computer equipment across Australia and also maintain network systems for businesses as well as supply and install Cel-fi GO phone signal booster products, Back in the second week of October I made a trip up to Roxby Downs travelling via road from Berri. This was somewhat of an urgent trip as a remote client recently came on board with us and needed some equipment changed on site, hence I made the 700 km trip up to get them sorted.

One of the biggest factors involved during this trip was that I was undertaking this during business hours, so a vital part was my ability to stay connected throughout the trip.

I left at around 3:30 a.m. and made my way up to Burra via Morgan, it proved to be quite a task driving on that road at that time of the morning I saw over 500 kangaroos that morning before the sun even came up! Even when I arrived at the Burra turn off in Morgan there was a pack of 15 kangaroos sitting on the intersection much to my amazement!

After dodging all those kangaroos I made it to Burra, pushed through to Port Pirie and straight up to Port Augusta. I had phone signal the entire way, making note that I manually set my cel-fi go mobile phone signal booster on the 3G only signal. I also made sure my phone was set to 3G only as I knew that my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone doesn’t like to swap between 3G and 4G it is quite a common trait for mobile devices, nowadays they seem to hold on to the 4G signal even though it is very poor in some areas. Locking the device on to 3G made sure I had continued coverage.

I topped off with diesel at Port Augusta and turned onto the Stuart Highway heading straight North up towards Roxby Downs. I have travelled this road a number of times in the past and have had quite poor coverage before these phone boosters were even available in Australia. I managed to maintain phone signal the entire way right through to about 50 km or so from Roxby Downs, there is a big valley that seems to be a black hole when it comes to phone signal. The total dropout time for the trip ended up being roughly 5 minutes from a 7.5 hour drive on the way there!

After completing the job on site, I then jumped back in the car and made my way back towards Berri. On the way back my phone only dropped out for roughly 30 seconds in the same Valley I mentioned earlier.

I actually remembered to take the drone with me, Mavic pro Platinum, so I stopped at one of the lookouts on the way back where you can see the Salt Lake and managed to grab some great pictures. I thought I’d stop just north of Port Augusta to grab a couple photos of the Flinders Ranges as well and managed to grab some great shots I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did taking them.

I then knuckled down and pushed through to just north of Burra and found some beautiful crops in the hills, these had not been hugely drought affected this was a real site for me as we have had almost no rain for the year.

Again the phone signal was excellent all the way through this area, even through the big hills and valleys, I managed to maintain phone signal all the way through. By the time I landed in Burra it was dark again and I knew I was going into battle with the animals again. Much to my amazement I counted 22 wombats on the way home that night between Burra and Morgan. Luckily I made it home unscathed and in one piece!

This was the first time I had made this trip in a vehicle that had a cel-fi go phone signal booster installed. I had a number of stops along the way either for email or remote access into a number of servers where required throughout the day and without interruption I was able to complete business on the road.

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