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Need to boost your phone signal?

A lot of the time living in the country it means we are stuck with little to no phone service or coverage. We recently undertook a project where a particular client had lived in this house for over 20 years in a remote location, not far from a place called Lindsay point in Victoria and had always struggled with phone coverage on the Telstra network. They contacted us for a solution to their phone signal woes.

They were in a beautiful location, not far from a creek however being so close to a permanent water source there was a large number of trees. These large trees blocking or reducing the signal coming in and around their home

This particular client had already installed one of the older style Cel-Fi Nextivity Telstra phone signal booster units. This solution had worked well for the last 5 years, however their signal issues had been progressively getting worse. They were experiencing dropouts and inconsistent service where they had to regularly restart the Phone Booster to get their signal working again.

We completed an appraisal on the location and the exact distance from the nearest phone tower. We regularly use a combination of GPS coordinates along with Google Earth for accurate measurements on distance and also to identify the topography of the land. Put simply this is to make sure it is not too far away and there are no big hills or mountains blocking the phone signal for the final installation. We use a good old fashioned compass to align the degrees with the direction of the nearest phone tower,  however it’s not always the closest phone tower that is going to provide the best phone signal or the best result. Previously we have found that some of the small cell areas or small cell towers seem to have a very weak transmit signal or even a slower data speed, keeping this in mind we always check multiple towers where possible, depending on the exact area or location of the building we are installing the equipment.

As this particular client already had an existing phone signal booster and external Yagi antenna, we were able to reuse the external antenna to receive the signal from the mobile phone tower. From there the signal is fed into the control box or in this case the Cel Fi Go stationery phone signal booster. This signal is then boosted up to 100dB of gain and is transmitted to the multi output splitter device. One thing to note here is with any multi output antenna set up, all antennas on the transmit side must have an identical length low loss signal cable attached, if one of the transmit antennas has a shorter cable the transmitted signal will take the path of least resistance and basically poor out of the antenna with the shortest cable.


Yagi Celfi antenna
Cel-fi Signal Booster

After the initial testing we found the best solution here was to install three identical Yagi external transmit antennas and install one dedicated internal panel style transmit antenna. This was in a home that was built many years ago, therefore it had been built with Materials that seem to inhibit mobile phone signal.

Once we had everything set up and mounted, we spent some time testing the transmit capability of this size antenna. Remembering this particular client was surrounded by large trees, we were very impressed with a maximum transmit distance of approximately 800 m on the 3G network. Unfortunately as this client was almost 30 km line of sight away from the nearest phone tower we were only able to use 3G instead of the Telstra 4gx high speed network. The good news for this client was not only does 3G cover better but it also has the most reliable service

To say we had one happy customer was an understatement, they had never been able to have reliable signal in that area however now they are able to stay in touch with business clients and have improved internet options on the Telstra network

This was a completely custom designed kit that we provide for any specific installation

For more information feel free to contact us anytime or click here for information on other kits we have available – thanks for reading!



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