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Introducing Managed Services

It has streamlined technology practices that are efficient and offer you peace of mind.

Welcome to a new series of blogs discussing Managed Services (better known as MSP or Managed Services Provider).

This is part of my long-term goal as a business owner to streamline our client’s internal systems and processes and how they integrate with technology.

If you spend any time watching Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone, you will know all of these guys preach efficiency.

Whether it's an enormous corporation or a sole trader, the only way to truly succeed is to be efficient.

With so many online solutions, subscriptions, and security options available, it is hard to know exactly what you need when it comes to compliance as an organisation or even just being safe online.

Managed Services, at its core, is a set monthly fee structure to cover your entire IT footprint for your business.

It is a solution that provides uniformity and consistency within your organisation.  By setting organisational standards for IT equipment, software, applications and systems, it makes your life easier and your teams.  By implementing secure technology devices and software best practices, it also allows you peace of mind to know you will always have control of your data.

Time and time again I have the conversation with people around data security, how they are limited with their level of access outside of their primary office environment especially when it comes to working from home or remotely.

This has undoubtedly been amplified in recent times all thanks to Covid-19. It has also changed the way people view technology.

Staying connected is now more crucial than ever, although the real concern is making sure you and your data are secure.

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Why use Managed IT Services?

  • IT Experts give you peace of mind. You’re not an IT expert. Managed service providers take care of your IT, so you can focus on what your expertise… your business.
  • Proactive support. Managed services are proactive support.  So instead of your IT provider reacting to your IT problems, they will actually try to identify issues before they happen, keeping your systems up and operating, and reduce your IT problems and downtime.
  • Strategic IT planning. Your outsourced Tech Team can identify and plan for what you need in the future and provide you with advice on what equipment or systems you could be implementing to stay current and efficient. This links with the proactive support and ensures your Technology infrastructure and software are upgraded and updated to minimise risks such as downtime, viruses and crashes.
  • Completely outsourced IT. Managed services give you access to a complete Tech Team.  You don’t just get one technician; you get the whole Tech Team.

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