Behind the Scenes Look Into Website Management

PTS Month WordPress Maintenance Tasks 

Matthew is our Website Developer at Pippos Technology Solutions and each month he undertakes an in-depth process to make sure your website runs and operates efficiently… and is working! 😉  
We will run through some of the main steps Matthew does each month on your website.    

1. Checking Pages & Links 
The initial step is visiting your websites front end (the visual part that everyone sees) clicking through all the pages and making sure they load, hovering and clicking through links to make sure they are linked correctly. If pages or links are broken Matthew will fix these straight away! 
This ensures that your clients see your website as intended.   

2. Website Cloud Backup 
Your website is hosted on Australian-based servers, this is to ensure a higher level of security and covered under Australian security standards.  
The hosts automatically take a backup of your website once a month this is stored server-side with the host, in addition, Matthew also creates a separate Cloud Backup once a month retaining two copies of the website.  

3. Updating WordPress, Plugins & PHP
Updates help to reduce the security risks and improve the functionality of the application. Matthew will go through the website on a monthly basis to apply all pending updates WordPress Plugins, PHP code, the WordPress framework and Theme. 

This is completed on a staging website (Website Duplicate) so there is no downtime for the business and to make sure the updates complete without errors. 

4. Testing Key Forms and Features 
Once a month you will get an odd-looking email from your website and all it will say is “Test” this is Matthew manually testing your online contact form, this process included checking the backend mail server settings, SSL security and any other form e.g. Email Registers.  

For websites with an E-Commerce store, we check the payment gateways, cart and checkout pages just to make sure your customers have a smooth interaction when purchasing products. 

Stay Tuned for next month’s email with further information on what we do for you behind the scenes. 

Thank you, Jarrad & Matthew – Pippos Technology Web Team 

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